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Ladies and Gentleman, introducing to You new diamond in Michal Urbaniak legacy!

RED BUS is driving to Your town with heavy groove and sincere message.
Michal Urbaniak is well known from connecting… old, new and mix it in Urbanator way.

CD shipping from December 18

1. Czerwony Autobus feat. Stellarnotes, Pędziwiatr and Patches
2. Dobra Zmiana feat. Stellarnotes, Pędziwiatr and Patches
3. Represent feat. Wyga
4. Świąteczna Serenada feat. donGURALesko
5. BONUS TRACK: Holla Day feat. Anthony Mills

Watch “Świąteczna Serenada”


Watch single “Dobra Zmiana”

Audio CD (December 2018)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Digipack
Label: Ubx Records


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