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UrbSymphony is a project that is the quintessence of Urbaniak’s thought – a jazzman:

“God created music and people divided it into categories.”


You can hear elements of many genres of music (so it would seem distant): jazz, folk and hip-hop. Urbaniak combined the character and sound of Polish folk music (eg oberek, mazurka) with modern driv and jazz groove. The repertoire consists of compositions in which elements of New York jazz penetrate with Polish folk and classical music (including K.Szymanowski). The concert program consists of: “Sketches of Poland” (including: “Walcoberek”, “Krakus”, “Mazurka”, “Pole”) and “Sketches of Manhattan” (including: “UrbTime”, “Manhattan Man “,” Nirvana “).

Michał Urbaniak is the first musician in history to introduce rap and hip-hop to the philharmonic.







Piotr Maculewicz wrote about the concert, the recording of which is this recording:


“Emotion. Bravo. Standing ovation. It was later said that for years, maybe there had never been such a concert in Częstochowa. I have not experienced such exalted and joyful emotions, even though I have already performed with great Polish and American symphony orchestras. 


UrbSymphony first performed on January 27, 1995 at the Częstochowa Philharmonic, preceded by the composer’s many-year arrangement work together with Jerzy Kosek (who also conducted the concert) and Marcin Pospieszalski. and Michał Dąbrówka (also used separately on the Apple Macintosh computer poster) and New York rapper Solid (the composer recalled: “he sang two final tracks in which he told my American story and the history of Urbanator’s recording with his words. Herbie Hancock, Bernard Wright, Al MacDowell, Jon Dryden, Lenny White, Solid was a loose, playful, heated enthusiastic response from the audience, so when he started to sing the poem by Karol Wojtyła Mystery of Man, I was afraid he would shoot a blundery. silence. A quick, hit rapper somewhere else confessed to Muhammad has disappeared, and in his place there was a serious, sensitive, responsible for every text and word, the artist transmitting in a free, emphatic and reflective form the lofty message of the Polish Pope to humanity. An eternal and unfathomable mystery of art.”

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Song list:

01 – Walcoberek
02 – Don’t Do It To Me
03 – Krakus
04 – Serenada
05 – Manhattan Man
06 – Silence
07 – Polak
08 – Urbanate the Area II
09 – Jazzorap
10 – Mystery of Man
Bonus Track –  11 – Slavic Rhapsody



Recorded live on 27.I.1995 with orchestra


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