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The overriding idea of the Urbanator Days album “Beats & Pieces” is the fusion of jazz with hip-hop, electronics and many directions of rhythmic music called NuJazz or UrbJazz. The album features compositions by an international renowned violinist and saxophonist Michał Urbaniak, recorded with the participation of young and renowned producers, rappers, performers and musicians of the new generation. In surprising arrangements, for example, the vocals of Marek Pędziwiatra and Andy Ninvalle, the trumpet by Michael Patches Stewart or the violin and sax Michal Urbaniak, and the creations of other invited guests sound great. O.S.T.R. or Grub Son.

Two new songs with outstanding Polish rap artists appear on the Urbanator Days vinyl. The first of them is “Świąteczna Serenada” recorded with donGURALesko. And the second song is the fruit of work with Sokol, the song “Rób to, w co wierzysz”. Both works will be presented for the first time in the vinyl version.



Side A
1. Sunshine
2. Love Don’t Grow On Trees
3. Tao
4. Wasabi Vibe

Side B
1. Capitan feat. Grubson
2. Świąteczna Serenada feat. donGURALesko
3. J.A.Z.Z. feat. OSTR
4. Rób to w co wierzysz feat. Sokół



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